【MABU】”MABU Behind The Scenes of 2021 – Episode 1″ unveiled!

MABU will release 2 new songs, “Perfect Romance feat. EXILE ATSUSHI” and “SNOW MAJIK”, at the same time on 12/10 (Fri.). A documentary which records his activities in 2021 has been unveiled at 21:00 on 12/2 (Thu.)!

Episode 1 of the documentary presents
behind the scenes of the production of his EP “Work Hard, Love Hard” released in April this year.
It also shows the song recording, the shooting of the cover photo and the shooting site of the music video for “Work Hard, Love Hard feat. EXILE ATSUSHI”,
as well as the rehearsal for MABU’s first Billboard LIVE solo concert “MABU presents ‘SUMMER PARTY’ Billboard Live 2021” held in July.

You can see the continuation in MABU Behind The Scenes of 2021 – Episode 2!

Be sure to check it out!