【ZIPANG OPERA】Information about the media appearances

ZIPANG OPERA, who released their first album “ZERO” on 11/3 (Wed.), will appear in the following media!
Be sure to check them out!

◇[Kanto] TV TOKYO “Premium MelodiX!”
Broadcast Schedule: 11/23 (Tue.) 02:50 ~ 03:20
*Appearing as guests
*Kanto area only

Twitter: @tx_melodix

Broadcast Schedule: 12/11 (Sat.) 03:15 ~ 03:45
*Appearing members: Yuu Fukuzawa, spi
*Kanto area only

Twitter: @onryu_TX

◇Radio stations of JFN network “Creators Studio with VOCACOLLE”
Broadcast Schedule: 11/17 (Wed.) 21:00 ~ 21:55
*Yuu Fukuzawa & spi will appear live in the studio.
*Please view the following homepage for broadcasting stations.

Twitter: @JFN_creator

*You can listen to the radio programs from all over Japan on “radiko”.


ABOUT "LDH Records"

As a world-class music creator group from Japan, LDH Records based in Japan, Asia, USA and Europe continues to take on new challenges and support solo activities of EXILE TRIBE and other artists as well as KOMA DOGG label led by EXILE SHOKICHI. It will expand to the world's stage as the next-generation label while searching for new talents regardless of genre.


KOMA DOGG is a project launched by EXILE SHOKICHI when he officially restarted his solo activities to work together as a crew with the producers and creator teams with whom he has been making music together as well as fans. With comrades who shares his attitude toward music and his music style, EXILE SHOKICHI aims at broadening music scene and creating a lab that produces new music.

ABOUT "CDL entertainment"

When Hiroomi Tosaka started his full-scale solo activities in 2017, he launched 【CLAIR DE LUNE】(abbreviated as CDL), which means "moonlight" in French, to present the entertainment in his solo activities as an artist promoting music, fashion, and various cultures. CDL is a new project in which Hiroomi Tosaka himself produces and promotes the entertainment that is as bewitching, ephemeral and illusionary as the 【moon】 that changes its shape every day, as the name of the project suggests.