【ØMI】ØMI’s digital single “SHINE” to be unveiled on 12/13 (Mon.)!

As the sequel to “ANSWER… SHINE” released in October, “SHINE” will be digital released on 12/13 (Mon.)!

It is a danceable and up-tempo song that combines the beats in 1980s with electro sound. It presents a more powerful world of light than that brought by “ANSWER… SHINE”!

The music video for this song will be unveiled as YouTube Premiere on the official YouTube channel at 00:00 on 12/13 (Mon.). It depicts a story connecting the destination of the journey in the previous work “You (Prod. SUGA of BTS)” to find the “ANSWER”, and the powerful sound of this song is fully expressed by the art space of light, lighting, stage setting and dance performance!

Be sure to check it out!!

—ØMI’s comment—
“SHINE” is a hybrid song which brings the beats in 1980s and dance music together. It is a powerful song which “shines” even brighter than “ANSWER… SHINE” does!

In this music video, we focused on dance performance with powerful sound expressed through lighting and stage setting as well as the details of art such as the passage of time from “ANSWER… SHADOW” to this work through the Artemis statue that is the symbol of the “ANSWER” series!
Details that symbolize the future can also be found in the music video. Be sure to think about what they mean while enjoying the music video!

▼”SHINE” Music Video▼
*To be unveiled as YouTube Premiere at 00:00 on 12/13 (Mon.)

ØMI’s digital single
will be digital released on 12/13/2021 (Mon.)!!

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