【iScream】The 1st album “i” to be released on April 20, 2022!

The much-anticipated 1st album “i” of LDH’s new girl group “iScream” who made their debut in June 2021 will be released on April 20.

From fast dance tunes to ballads showing the true worth of iScream, this album contains a total of 13 songs that fully present the charm of teenage girls! The album cover is again designed by Harumi Yamaguchi, a leading Japanese illustrator.

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【iScream’s Comment】
Our 1st album “i” will be released on 4/20!
Thanks to everyone involved and fans who love iScream and our songs,
we are able to release this album shortly after we made our debut last year.
Releasing an album was also one of our dreams, so we feel so happy.
Besides the songs released after our debut, the album contains many new songs created for this album!
We talked a lot about the order of the songs, and all the members shared their ideas about it.
We hope that a lot of people can enjoy this album.
And we hope you will like and love “iScream” even more through this album.

1st album “i”
to be released under LDH Records on April 20, 2022!

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) XNLD-10137/B ¥5,500 (tax included)
Regular Edition (CD Only) XNLD-10138 ¥3,300 (tax included)

【Tracklist : 13 songs in total】
1. Scream Out
2. Sugar Bomb
3. Diamond
4. Ai Dake wa…
5. himawari
6. So Bright
7. Tsutsumikomu Youni…
8. Secret Love
9. Pendulum
10. Eyes to Eyes
11. Maybe…YES
12. -Jasmine-
13. Meant to be together

【Bonus coming with the First Press Limited Edition】
◆Double cover
With this double cover you can choose Harumi Yamaguchi’s illustration or members’ photo for the cover as you like.
【Tracklist of the First Press Limited Edition DVD】
◆Video of the online concert in celebration of the debut
Video of the online concert “iScream Debut Online LIVE Show Case” streamed on CL on August 11, 2021
◆Video of members commenting the online concert in celebration of the debut
Video of members commenting “iScream Debut Online LIVE Show Case”
◆“Ai Dake wa…” concert video
Video of the performance at “Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-” Premiere Event & Special Live held on November 18, 2021 (Thu.)
◆2021 ~ 2022 countdown concert video
Appearance as the opening act of the concert “LIVE×ONLINE COUNTDOWN 2021▶︎2022”

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Bonus : Trading card #001 with the autographs of all the members (1 type)
*This bonus comes with the First Press Limited Edition and the Regular Edition.