Artist Profile

NARROWORLD is “a story about animals where friends are gathered through music”. Dog (Shiruma), tiger (Ratosu) and sheep (Nikku) are working hard to produce music in order to meet more animals through music. While searching for companions every day, they encounter unknown animals. Many different things happen with them involved!

Those who play the 3 main characters are maeshima soshi, a producer and track maker who have gained tremendous support from Generation Z, singer and topliner OHTORA and painter Dai/NEW JACK. The three people with different personalities who recognize each other’s talents form a group to compete in the world with their work combining music and animation!


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▼“NARROWORLD no Theme” (2022-03-23 Digital Single)
▼“KIMIMANIA feat. sloppy dim” (2022-05-11 Digital Single)
▼“Bitter Sweet feat. Rinne” (2022-08-31 Digital Single)
▼“Raspberry feat. Sakina Tonchiki, Tao Uyu” (2023-01-25 Digital Single)
▼“HONEY DARLIN feat. Aile The Shota” (2023-04-12 Digital Single)
▼“Capaover feat. claquepot” (2023-09-06 Digital Single)
▼“Lonely Xmas Eve” (2023-12-13 Digital Single)

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